What is a QR code?

A QR code is a square-shaped code that can be scanned by a mobile device.

QR stands for “Quick Response”, which is exactly what these codes do. If you hover your device’s camera over a QR code, it might allow you to instantly open a link to a website, read a document, or access other kinds of information. The possibilities are endless!

How can I create my own QR code?

You can generate your own QR codes quickly and easily on this website. Using the tools we provide, you can generate custom QR codes and manage and edit them in the future. With our tools, you can also track how many people have scanned your code, at what times or the types of devices used to scan the QR code, for instance.

What are QR codes useful for?

QR codes are incredibly useful and have become an integral part of day-to-day life.

They can be used for all sorts of things. They can provide links to websites, apps, menus in restaurants and cafés, documents, your Wi-Fi information, and much more. QR codes have also been used in travel documents and COVID-19 vaccine passports.

A QR code makes your business or product instantly accessible in the digital age. It allows your customers to directly interact with your services and products at the click of a button, which can be key in promoting your business.